OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD

ModelYearModel ID
MacBook Pro Retina 13″Late 2013 / Mid 2014MacBookPro11,1
(Not compatible with Boot Camp)
Early 2015MacBookPro12,1
MacBook Pro Retina 15″Late 2013 / Mid 2014MacBookPro11,2
Early 2015MacBookPro11,4
MacBook Air 11″Mid 2013 / Early 2014MacBookAir6,1
(Not compatible with Boot Camp)
Early 2015MacBookAir7,1
MacBook Air 13″Mid 2013 / Early 2014MacBookAir6,2
(Not compatible with Boot Camp)
Early 2015 / 2017MacBookAir7,2
Compatibility List

How to check the Model ID of your Mac

To confirm the hardware you are considering to purchase are compatible with your Mac, Simply check the Model Identifier (Model ID) in only 3 steps. Apple menu  in the top left corner of your screen > About this Mac. 2. Choose System Report or More Info. 3. You can see the Model Identifier (Model…